SunPower - World Leaders in PV

Genelex have recently formed a direct partnership with SunPower in the UK to supply & install their panels.

SunPower only work with a handful of installers throughout the country, selected on their stringent quality standards. We approached SunPower because we believe their panels provide many worthwhile advantages over conventional PV technology, as detailed below.

The highest efficiency available

With SunPower panels, you can squeeze more power onto your roof-space than any other option out there. The SunPower E20 holds the Guinness World Record for the highest efficiency production solar panel.

NASA used 35,000 SunPower panels to construct their 10MW PV plant at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida USA. The Solar Impulse aeroplane powered entirely by solar energy chose SunPower to provide the PV cells for their project. They have already clocked up 26 hours of continuous solar-powered flight (with battery storage during the day, released at night) and are aiming to circumnavigate the globe in 2014.

Unrivalled power & good looks with the SunPower MAXEON cell

A unique patented cell design that has no front solder contact gives a uniform black appearance to the cell. With the All-black E18 panel you also get a black back sheet giving a discrete and attractive appearance that no other panel can match. (E19 & E20 use a white backsheet for higher efficiency but still use an all black cell).

You get the most power generated per kW of installaed PV power

Not only does SunPower offer the highest efficiency in the world, they also deliver the highest amount of energy over time, even on cloudy days or in extreme temperatures; which lets you further reduce your electricity bill and maximise your returns. Independent tests at universities around the world have shown that SunPower panels give between 7% and 9% more annual energy production than others available on the market. For example a standard 4kW PV array (16 to 17 panels) with polycrystalline cells may give you 3,500kWh per year and a 4kW SunPower array (only 12 panels) would give you up to 9% more (measured at Loughborough University) which would equate to 3,815kWh per year.

SunPower cells give more energy per kWp installed

For more information please visit the SunPower UK website: