Residential 3kW Solar PV system

This project used 12 SunPower Maxeon panels to get the highest power density on the roof.
Highest efficiency solar PV system using SunPower panels, installed by Genelex.

Non-rectangular roofs can present a challange for PV system designers and space is often a premium. We chose the SunPower E19 245W panel because it gave a greater power density than any other product on the market. 2.94kW was installed on a space that would only have allowed 2.28kW using standard technology PV (0.8m x 1.6m panel size). Most of our customers go for the higher efficiency E19 or E20 panels over the E18 signature black due to the slight boost in efficiency.

  • Installation date: June 2012
  • System size: 3kWp
  • Panels: 412x SunPower Maxeon 245W E19
  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF
  • Mounting frame: Schueco

  • Annual generation: 2,989kWh kWh
  • CO2 saved: 1,615kg per year

Commercial 10kW Solar PV installation -
Winterbourne Parish Council

This project utilised 40 of the latest generation of high performance Sharp 250W PV panels.
Genelex 10kW Solar PV installation for flat roofs

The panels were mounted on a low ballast, non-penetrating flat roof mounting system. The system has been BRE certified to withstand a wind speed of 112 miles per hour, ensuring structural stability and safety. The system is also easy to disassemble so repairs and roof maintenance can be carried out and the mounting structure is made from recycled materials. The system will also increase the R-value of the roof and protect it from UV degradation and thermal cycling.

  • Installation date: May 2012
  • System size: 10kWp
  • Panels: 40x Sharp ND-R250A5
  • Inverter: SMA Tripower 10000TL
  • Mounting frame: Solion Sunmount

  • Annual generation: 8,237kWh kWh
  • CO2 saved: 4.5 tonnes per year

Residential 4kW PV installation -
Sanyo HIT hybrid technology

Genelex 4kW Solar PV installation using Sanyo HIT hybrid panels

This project utilised 17 of the high-efficiency Sanyo HIT-N235SE10 235W modules to reach 4kW on a roof spoace with limited South facing area.

9 panels were fitted to the South facing roof slope whith the other 8 panels on the West to give optimal output at the highest FIT level. A SMA Sunny Boy 4000tl inverter was chosen because it has two power point trackers to deal with the two roof slopes separately.

  • Installation date: October 2011
  • System size: 4kWp
  • Panels: 17x Sanyo HIT-N235SE10
  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL
  • Mounting frame: Schüco

  • Annual generation: 3,186 kWh
  • CO2 saved: 1,730 kg per year

Commercial / Industrial 50kW Solar PV Installation for Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream are a thriving dairy and ice cream business in the South West. As an organic and evironmentally concious business they were keen to make use of Solar PV to meet a part of their electricity demand.

Genelex 50kW Solar PV installation

The project was split between two buildings, one with a Kingspan insulated panel roof and the other a fibre-cement roof.
  • Installation date: August 2011
  • System size: 50kWp
  • Panels: 208x Upsolar UP-M240P
  • Inverter: 3x SMA Tripower 17,000TL
  • Mounting frame: Ejot, Schüco and Schletter (for different roof areas)

  • Annual generation: 45 MegaWatt hours
  • CO2 saved: 24.5 tonnes per year

Genelex used 3 SMA Tripower 17000TL inverters for this 50kW Solar PV installation

Three SMA Tripower 17000TL inverters were used for their best-in-class efficiency.