Heat Recovery Ventilation

Whole house mechanical heat recovery ventilation system

Whole house heat recovery ventilation systems can provide a silent continuous freash air supply to every room in your house.

Genelex install single room and whole house heat recovery ventilation units that provide a continuous supply of fresh air to your home whilst retaining up to 90% of the heat from the extracted air. Heat recovery systems work by providing a balanced airflow using two fans. One fan is used to extract stale air from the dwelling while the other fan supplies fresh air from outside. These airflows pass through a heat exchanger mechanism to capture the warmth from the stale air and pass it on to the fresh air without any mixing of the airflows. In whole house systems, the air is generally extracted from moisture producing areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, while supplying fresh air to bedrooms and living areas.

Heat recovery units are designed to be continuously running through the day and night all year round. They consume very little energy, with a typical whole house system costing about £20 per year to run. Energy saved on heating bills compared to conventional purge ventilation can be as high as 30%. Most units run on trickle mode with a temporary boost function to rapidly change the air if needed.

Genelex are an approved contractor for Kair Ventilation products and are trained to specify and install the complete range of heat recovery systems. As well as domestic, we offer solutions for cafes and restaurants or other commercial applications. Our systems have been effective in controlling humidity while minimising energy loss in locations containing a swimming pool.

Please contact us for advice or to arrange a free survey of your property to determine if a heat recovery system could work for you.