Solar PV installations

Solar PV is elegant in it's simplicity and is probably the most versatile kind of renewable energy available in the UK.

Photovoltaic panels are essentially a chain of crystalline silicon cells connected together to form an electrical circuit. The PV cells are stimulated by light shining on them and generate a current proportional to the amount of light available. This means in bright sunshine you will get lots of power and in cloudy and overcast conditions you will get less.

We have a vast range of panel types available from our suppliers so that we can recommend the ideal solution for our customers requirements. Some people care more about aesthetics than others while some want the greatest output over 25 years or simply the fastest return on their investment.

For people who want the absolute best panel available we would recommend SunPower -they are a US based company with over 25 years experience in PV. SunPower holds the current World Record for the most efficient PV panel. Not only do the make the most power per square metre, but also generate between 7-9% more per year for any given power rating, than a standard panel. SunPower have many other benefits including unrivalled good looks due to the MAXEON back-contact cell design and excellent shading resilience.

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SunPower PV Advantages

SunPower PV panels are resilient to shade, which can be a significant problem for standard panels in some situations

Shading, or partial shading of a standard PV panel can trigger it to go into bypass mode where it effectively shuts itself down. If the correct inverter technology is not used (SMA Optitrac Global Peak, Solar Edge or Enecsys micro inverters), this can also degrade the whole PV system. SunPower panels are designed to be resilient against shading conditions

SunPower panels are designed and tested to withstand harsh loads over 25 years

The unique cell design is inherantly stronger than anything else available on the market today.